Dan’s VO Tip: The Business of Voice Over

There are basically two aspects of your voice over career: The Craft: the style and performance you provide; and The Career: the building of your voice over business. The performance part is fun and exciting, but the business part can be daunting when you are first starting out. Those who have done our classes, know that we suggest you … Read more

How do I get into Voice Over?

So, you have a great voice, you have a great personality… maybe you just love cartoons! You want to do that for a living… But HOW?! Above all things, you need a love of the art, and a willingness to work hard and have fun. Practice, Practice, Practice First, start practicing! Try doing every script … Read more

Training and Voice Demos

Often, the first question I am asked is “How do I get a voice demo?” People new to voice over know they need a good voice demo to get work, so their immediate objective is to find someone who will coach them through making a voice demo that sounds professional. They walk away from the … Read more