How do I get into Voice Over?

So, you have a great voice, you have a great personality… maybe you just love cartoons!

You want to do that for a living… But HOW?!

Above all things, you need a love of the art, and a willingness to work hard and have fun.

Practice, Practice, Practice

First, start practicing! Try doing every script you can find out loud. There are tons of scripts on the internet. Try reading books out loud instead of quietly in your head. Read the blurb on product packaging out loud.

Build a basic home studio

It doesn’t have to be expensive to start off with. A simple computer, a free basic recording program and a basic USB microphone are all you need to begin. If you already have a computer, you can be up and running for as little as $50.

You can upgrade your studio as you go and as you gain more experience.

Find a reputable coach or class

There are all sorts out there – both good and bad, buyer beware! Research your options. If you have friends in the industry, ask them for recommendations. Attend networking evenings and ask around. You’re welcome to check out our training program at VoiceSpot. We’ve been supporting Voice Artists since 1996, as they build and excel in their careers.

We also highly recommend improv and acting classes to help you get more comfortable trying stuff out and taking risks with your performance.

Record a voice demo

Once you’ve gotten some training under your belt and feel you have a good sense of who you are as a performer, it is then time to think about getting a demo reel. Don’t be forced into getting a demo too soon! With training you will become confident, which will help your demo sound like you on a good day and reflect the type of work you can do at your current level of experience.

You can always upgrade as you get better.

Read my more detailed recommendations for training and voice demos.

Share your demo

Once you produce your demo, find out who does the casting in your area: audio and recording studios, casting directors, video production houses, etc. Go meet them and give them your demo.

There are also online sources of auditions and digital newsletters that offer work from time to time.

Pay-to-Play websites

This is where you pay a yearly fee and they send you auditions daily for which you can submit yourself. Some of them allow you to sign up for free, post your demo reel, and view audition postings and scripts, but you are not able to submit yourself for an audition without paying their subscription fee.

Please be careful with these sites and read all the small print if you sign up with them.

Should I get an agent?

Getting an agent can be helpful but it may be better to wait until you are more established. They send you leads (auditions), but you should be looking for those yourself as well!

The internet is your friend

There are all sorts of how-to videos, classes you can take, auditions, advice, etc. available online. However, make sure you always do your due diligence! Apply reason, visit forums or networking evenings and ask around, take things with a grain of salt. If something sounds too good to be true it probably is!

VoiceSpot was originally set up as a resource for Voice Over artists, so feel free to contact us if you have questions.