Dan’s VO Tip: The Business of Voice Over

There are basically two aspects of your voice over career:

  • The Craft: the style and performance you provide; and
  • The Career: the building of your voice over business.

The performance part is fun and exciting, but the business part can be daunting when you are first starting out.

Those who have done our classes, know that we suggest you form “admin” groups to support each other and approach daunting business tasks together!

Years ago, a bunch of us got together to try and figure out how to approach the scary business part of our careers! Using his many years of experience and research, Paul Boucher took the reins and developed an amazing comprehensive plan on how to run a business, not just for voice over, but for any performance-based business.

Likewise, when audiobooks burst onto the scene, we realized very quickly that this was a very different paradigm. Sure, some of the existing concepts still hold true, but this exploding industry was going in its own direction.

Dawn Harvey, an award-winning audiobook narrator and coach, has developed her own comprehensive hands-on class. The Business of Audiobooks gives you a step-by-step guide into your future

If this piques your interest, check out the business classes below.

~xod Dan Willmott


Networking, social media, building client lists, the dreaded business plan, rates, where to find work, and important dos and don’ts of running your business are all covered in our Business & Marketing for Voice Over class with Paul Boucher.

This class only happens once a year and is coming up the weekend of October 3rd – 4th, so make sure you sign up soon!

Business & Marketing for Voice Over with Paul Boucher
Saturday and Sunday October 3rd & October 4th
Start Time: 12pm Eastern, 10am Mountain

You can join Dawn for her class on the weekend of October 24th – 25th.

The Business of Audiobooks with Dawn Harvey
Saturday and Sunday October 24th & October 25th
Start Time: 5pm Eastern, 3pm Mountain