Using ACX to Your Best Advantage: Tips and Tricks for Audiobook Narrators (Webinar)

Cities Available: All

Class fee: $75 + tax

This class is a recorded webinar.

ACX has opened the door to Canadians (but this class is open to all)! This three-hour class will introduce you to ACX, The Audiobook Creation Exchange, and provide you with the information you need to hit the ground running. Set up to connect rights holders (authors and publishers) to audiobook narrators (that’s you!), this course will assist you in using ACX to your best advantage. The class includes:

– The purpose and structure of ACX
– Creating an ACX profile that will attract rights holders
– Uploading audiobook samples: What kind, how many, length, what do you include, do’s and don’ts, enticing rights holders to listen to your demos
– How do you get paid? What are the options (PFH, royalty share and hybrid deals) and how does it work?
– Choosing a Title: how to locate royalty share work that pays well and finding your own work
– Auditioning: the audition process and how to increase your chances of winning the audition
– Accepting the offer
– Ready to record – what is expected of you? Preparation, research, editing, proofing, mastering
– Working with other studio professionals – outsourcing research, editing, proofing and mastering
– You’ve finished recording, now what? Completion, quality control, and the approval process
– Getting paid and Marketing – RS vs PFH, distribution models, Whispersync, contract terms, promotion codes, online marketing
– Unions and ACX: The option of joining SAG/AFTRA and converting work to union
– Using a pseudonym
– Springboarding from ACX to the big publishers
– Helpful Resources

(This class is focused on using ACX to start or grow your audiobook business, not the craft of audiobook narration. Performance skills will only be discussed tangentially.)

Pre-requisites: NONE

To purchase the video of this webinar, please email Rosey.