Christopher Cinnamon – Business and Marketing – Paul

Paul is a wealth of information and is someone that really walks the walk. The fact that Paul is willing to share this information in order to cultivate a stronger voice over community in Alberta is such a valuable thing for the aspiring artist.

Laura Lim – Business and Marketing – Paul

I appreciated being given personal advice from the facilitator on the next steps in my own career and being able to share and hear the experiences and journeys of other participants. Paul gave a succinct but comprehensive overview of entrepreneurship.

Jeremy Poley – Business And Marketing – Paul

Paul was incredibly forthright with his information and everything was presented in an order that made sense. His information was current, and he had great insight into the business and working from home and what it takes to set yourself up successfully.

Amy Dale – L4 – Paul

Paul is a wonderful,positive and funny teacher. I enjoyed learning new techniques and much more challenging scripts. Paul’s ability to zero-in on any problems we were having and guide us so easily into a better read and more confidence was magic.

Kanako Hiratsuka-Earle – Paul

Paul Boucher is a fantastic facilitator. He kept the material interesting, and seemed to really want to share with us. I appreciated receiving pragmatic advice about what steps to take next from someone who is so successful in the field.