Heather Diggens – L1 – Scott

I thought Scott did a fantastic job – he is an excellent teacher – and he shared so much of his experience from his years in the business – never a boring moment and Scott is very humorous. He really was able to help each one of us with detailed advice.

Dario Feltracco – L1 -2

It builds a sense of confidence and teaches you how to express yourself, whether you’re a voice actor or speaking during a business meeting.

Dario Feltracco – L1

Although the class was conducted in a professional environment, the atmosphere was friendly, casual and encouraged a sense of fun and adventure. I had the opportunity to leave my introverted self behind, stand up in front of a group of people, and not worry about making a fool of myself.

Michael Forward – L1

I enjoyed the chance to be able to “play” with my voice, and bring it into all sorts of interesting directions that I would probably not do on my own.

Liz Soria – L1 – Scott

Scott was an excellent facilitator. He was full of energy and information and had a great sense of humor. He made it really fun and not scary.

Jay Coda Walker – L1 – Scott

Scott was a great teacher and very encouraging to all the class. The facility is top shelf and the experience was very pleasant and rewarding. I hope to continue my education!

Michael Johnson – L1

I think it is a great course for anyone who verbally communicates with people either professionally or personally on a regular basis. I think this course is important to express your feelings properly.

Jodi Friesen – L1 – Scott

Scott drew out the authentic sound of the voice well by teaching you how to create the environment, your character, and who you are talking to. Then he made suggestions on how to do even better.

Jodi Friesen – L1

The class being presented as “play, be authentic, safe and don’t worry, be a 5 year old, don’t censor” built confidence easier over the number of exercises. I learnt so much even just listening to the suggestions for others.