Rosemary Trace – AB-Dawn

Dawn H’s experience and her sharing of it was the most valuable. The way she showed us how she researches the books was phenomenal in the sheer detail. I felt I came out of the class 100 times more prepared to approach audiobooks as a voice over avenue.

Marty Lawrence – AB-Dawn H

Dawn H is obviously an intelligent woman who loves the art of audio book narration and this information-rich workshop I felt gave me all the tools necessary to get involved in the industry myself. The class was entertaining, engaging and she made it fun!

Graeme Armstrong – AB-Dawn H

Of all of the workshops I’ve taken so far, this felt the most like an acting workshop. Dawn H’s feedback was so astute, and though I sometimes found it hard to achieve, I felt like it gave me a clear direction of what I need to work on to become a better voice actor.