Dan’s VO Tips

Casting Directors Want…

When auditioning the big question is always, “What does the Casting Director want?” It doesn’t matter if it is a small studio, engineer, a P2P client or agency,

the answer is always the same. They want YOU, and what your personality and life experience bring to the performance. Frankly a lot of the time the client has no idea what they are looking for. So trying to guess what they want will just throw you off track (cause they don’t know!)

You are a real person in a real place having a real experience. Don’t be afraid to throw in something you might do into it and remember you are talking to a specific person, one you know. And most importantly after you finish the audition, let it go, forget about it there is nothing more you can do.



Did you know?

The way we speak to everyone in our life is completely different. Your Boss, lover, spouse, kids, dog are all treated somewhat differently when we speak. (but still very much us!) So what would happen if you specifically visualized one of these people to talk to when you work a script? Ahhhhhhhh. Give it a try, it’ll change your perspective, point of view and your attitude. Try it and see what happens. Talk about connecting to a script and your audience.






When in the studio, whether it be your home, an audition or a Voice job in a pro studio… Remember to dress properly. Very comfortable shoes (or none) as you should be standing. Clothes and jewelry that don’t make noise when you move. (heavy cottons, plastics, big bangles, jingly watches etc) If what you have on makes too much noise you may be asked to remove it … oops!




The best way to become confident quicker is by being yourself. If you are trying to be someone else, your mind, body and soul says .. what the heck are we doing?? and you feel nervous. IF you’re just you in performance, your body will say, “Hey I know this” and the sooner you begin to feel confident. Start approaching your performance the way you talk to your friends on a good day in a coffee shop. Bring your idiosyncrasies etc to your performance, you will have a lot more fun, be more confident quicker AND you will be an unique Artist. Bonus! Nobody can do you better than YOU!!