Class Spotlight: Audiobooks

This year, our Audiobooks class in Calgary has been split into two classes! Dawn Harvey, who facilitates our Audiobooks classes, just has so much knowledge to share with our students!

First up, we have The Art of Audiobook Narration on the weekend of April 27th – 28th, focusing on preparation and performance, where you will work through 3 pieces of narration.

Following that, we have The Business of Audiobooks, on Saturday June 1st, in which Dawn gives a thorough introduction to the business and finding work.

“Dawn is an award-winning audiobook narrator who has figured out how to make a living doing that in Canada, which is still quite rare. Her classes are the best and most comprehensive in North America.” – Dan Willmott

Dawn has worked very diligently to develop her career and understand how best to work in this growing industry. In these classes, she shares that wealth of knowledge she has developed to help others find their way in the industry.

You can read more about Dawn, hear some of her demos and read some testimonials from our students on her legends page.

Registration closes for The Art of Audiobooks in Calgary this coming weekend and we usually run it just once a year, so make sure you register now and don’t miss your chance!